Pietilä's holiday houses - introduction

  Pietilä's farm is located in western Finland onshore the Lestijärvi-lake, surrounded by a peaceful nature full of trees, clean water and air. Pietilä has been favoured for years by hunter's even from the southern parts of Europe. That's not a miracle, actually. We can provide extraordinary possibilities to fish or hunt, even for bigger parties. We have an area for hunting. If that isn't enough, an area provided by the National Board of Forestry should please even the most demanding guests. The areas are also full of game, for example elks, birds of the forest, ducks, geese and rabbits. And You don't have to think about any permissions that are needed - we will take care of them. And for those who like fishing have we got plenty of good spots. Here you can fish also trouts.

  You can also try descending river by a canoe, seine-fishing with us or cooking local traditional food. Swimming and sauna - a traditional finnish combination - is a very refreshing experience after an immemorial day in Pietilä. But nothing's more atmospheric than to sit in front of a fireplace and go through the events of the day.

  All Information about different cottages and other choices or possibilities is presented in this homesite and will be frequently updated. For more information about Pietilä, please contact us . We'll be happy to answer your questions.

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